splish splash

so there we were, getting ready to go out with mom and papa. before we left i had to stop in the restroom for a second. i reach down and pull the seat up off the toilet so i can use it. the next thing i hear is 'sploosh!'. uh oh. my ol' trusty phone decided it was time to take a little swim in the toilet. argh! before even giving my own hygiene a second though, i quickly reach in and grab it. i tear off the battery and try and dry it out as best i can. unfortunately, i cant. the water had already reached the innards of the phone and it was done for! it was gone, and along with it all my photos and contacts. what a pain!
we went out with mom and papa anyway, but the whole time all i could think about was my poor water-logged phone! when we got home diana and i quick ran over to the phone store to see if i could get one immediately. of course i had just cancelled my phone insurance over the summer, so i was out of luck. i started looking at the bright side and realized that contract with at&t was already completed in the spring. i have had such terrible problems with them and their lack of coverage (dont believe luke wilson from the commericals- at&t 3g service sucks!) so instead of going to an at&t store, i went to verizon. diana and i looked around for a bit and settled on a phone that i thought i might like. when a sales rep came up and asked me 'so, what are you looking for in a phone? texting? internet? media player?' my response was simple: 'i dont really care about the rest of that stuff, i just want a nice camera'. well, i got a good one, a step up from the old camera, and it even has a flash. i've been happy with it so far, so i think i'll keep it. so, i guess i should thank that toilet, huh?

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