movie madness!

yesterday i was able to fulfill a dream i have had for a long time. as a big movie lover, i have always dreamed of wasting an entire day at a movie theater. monday i made that dream a reality! when i shared my vision with the guys, they wanted to be a part of it as well. so monday rex, jeffry lee, and i met up at the movie theater and proceeded to watch 5 movies in a row. no, you did not read that wrong: we saw five movies in a row!
the day before i had carefully orchestrated our plan of attack, a way that we could fit all five of them in during the course of one day. we started at the theater on knapp's corner, there we saw 'slumdog millionaire' (my review). diana had dropped me off and then took my car back to her house, so the three of us guys had to scrunch into jeffry lee's tiny truck to make the transition to the next movie. we then drove to the woodland theater and watched 'eagle eye' (my thoughts). after a quick run to the mall food court (chinese food, yumm...), we were back and ready for 'rocknrolla' (my review). after a short break, and the addition to our ranks of aaron and freddie, we strode back in and saw 'role models' (my review). after that it was off to the rivertown theater to catch a late showing of 'punisher: war zone' (my review). one day, five movies, and it was glorious.
living the dream, brother, living the dream.

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