verve pipe annual

after we left my sisters house, diana and i headed downtown to the intersection club. for the fourth year in a row my favorite band (well, second favorite) was playing! they have a tradition of playing the weekend before christmas every year. ive been to every one so far (last year i wrote about it here), so of course we had to go to this one too! we met up with rex, aaron, jeffry lee, freddie, jessica, and chris when we got there. the first band was on when we arrived, but i wasnt too interested, so diana, jeff, and i walked back out to the front of the place and sat down at a couch and chatted for a while. we headed back to the show and heard the last song by the second openers, and then they had a surprise for us: many of the original members of the popular local band 19 wheels were there and headed on stage and played one song for us! it was really cool to see them again.
finally, it was time: the verve pipe took the stage and rocked out! this year was especially awesome, two more of the original members were back! a.j. on lead guitars, and doug on drums. the only original member missing was brad, the bassist. it was great to see those four guys back together rocking it up there! the set list was unexpectedly heavy on older songs- which i loved! in fact, they played a couple songs ('la la', and 'penny is poison') that i had never ever heard then play live, so that was awesome! i had never been to a concert with diana before, and it was really cool to have her there with me for a band that i love so much. after the show i even got a chance to talk to brian vander ark, the lead singer, for a minute, and had him sign a poster for the show that i might or might not have stolen...
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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