the great blizzard of '08

the whole family was planning to go to church sunday morning, tweets was even going to go up with the kids in her sunday school class and sing, but the weather had a different idea in mind. in the morning my sister called my mom and informed her that church had been cancelled due to the outrageous amount of snowfall that had accumulated during the night. i didnt find out until much later because mom was nice enough to let me sleep!
once all of us were up and about, my dad, brother, and i headed out to take care of the driveway. it was quite a mess, not only because of the huge amount of snow, but also because of the huge amount of vehicles in the driveway! there were a total of six (thats right, six) vehicles at the house that morning! my parents vehicles, my car, diana's car, and chad's car! as we were trying to clear the driveway, we also had to play a little three-car monty. we finally got it taken care of, but somehow chad lost the keys to his car in the shuffle. after having to go to the nissan dealer, and calling a locksmith, he was finally got a new key. what exactly happened to the old one? i guess we will find out when the three feet of snow finally melts...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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