vacation begins

now that break had begun, it was time to head home and see the family! first things first: i went to go see diana for dinner. she got out of work around 5:30, so we met up for dinner at hacienda (one of my absolute favorites!).
then it was up to grand rapids! i stopped at my parents and unpacked and got to talk with my parents for a while. around 10pm i met up with the guys at our usual hang out, fridays at rivertown mall. after a little while we went to go see a 'the day the earth stood still' (my thoughts here). after we got out of the movie, rex, jeffry lee, and i were still up for hanging out, so off we went back to fridays... it was good to see the guys again . ive been a bit delinquent with talking to them lately, so we got to do some catching up.
(more pics)

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