dealer looses

we had originally planned to go to aarons and hang with the guys sunday night, but with the bad weather and all diana and i decided to stay at my parents instead. my mom was pleased- finally someone to play cards with! we pulled out the ol' phase 10 deck and had at it. last time we played i didnt do so well, so i assumed my luck might change for this game. well, you know what they say about assuming... my mom and diana dont like to shuffle, so i always did, and then i would deal. after a few miserable hands, my mom suggested that i only did bad when i dealt. i decided to make mom deal instead. and wouldnt you know it? i won the next hand! i started doing well for the next few rounds. i wanted to see if this theory of hers was accurate, so i dealt the next one. -70 points. turns out that that theory has now been upgraded to fact!

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