a small milestone

wow! this is my 500th post on this blog. its a small milestone, but i thought i could use it to reflect on this whole blog thing. my first post was on september 29, 2005, and quite sarcastic. when i started all that time ago, i remember thinking that there must be something to it since so many people seem to be doing it. i told myself i would try it for a month, if i liked it i would continue and start to share my blog with others. if i didnt like it, i would delete it and move on. from the tone of those early posts i certainly didnt think i would enjoy it, but i guess i was wrong! i started off posting a couple times a week, if i had the interest or time. today i eagerly look forward to the time each week that i can spent updating and improving this little slice of the internet i call my own.
from those first few posts it has grown into a whole collection of blogs! i started with just the 'poke it with a stick' page, but i quickly expanded to include pages on music, movies, critiques, an image gallery, a page for odds and ends, one defining some strange words, a page dedicated to a tv show, a strange inside joke, and a page for everything else! this is my 500th post on this main page, but i've actually racked up over 1600 posts all together on all my different pages! (yikes, it almost seems like an unhealthy obsession when i put it that way...) doing this blogging thing has changed me quite a bit: i have been challenging myself to write better, i examine the events of my life more and try to express what positive things have come from them, i take a ton more pictures (which not everyone seems to think is an improvement...), and i have been able to share my life a bit more with those who know me. not too bad for some dumb online journal, huh?

ive got more planned, so stay tuned for the next 500!

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Anonymous said...

It has not, however, prompted you to start using proper capitalization.
HAHA Diana