Diana always told me that when she was little, she always dreamed of becoming a hairdresser. when it came time for college she wanted to go to beauty school, but didnt have the support to do it. so instead she went to grand valley university. after every year she said that she would want to quit and go to beauty school. she didnt. after she graduated from college she looked for a job in a field she wasnt really interested in. she didnt find anything, so she settled for a job at home depot where her best friend worked. two and a half years later, she still holds on to that dream of becoming a hairdresser.
in a few months she will be moving here and doesnt really want to stay at home depot (which is a good thing, because i dont want her to either...). so we are faced with the challenge of her trying to find a job around here. after much thought and prayer, we decided its time for her to pursue her dream. at the end of april she will begin classes at Regency Beauty Institute. 10 months later she will be a hairdresser.
well, thursday after our meeting with randy we decided to check out the campus. we drove over there and it was really pretty cool! she filled in the last of the forms she needed, and we got a tour of the place. it looked great, and i know she will be well equipped to begin a new career doing what she always dreamed of! happy ending are nice, huh?

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