the whole family

saturday evening the whole family headed over to tim and jills for dinner. when we got the the kids were really excited because their uncle chad was home! its the first time my brother has been able to see them since spring, so it was really cool to see them react when chad walked in! jackson and tweets latched on to him right away, but aves took a bit longer to warm up to him, shes a bit young to remember him from last time he was around. chad went with the kids to the basement and he and i had a blast roughhousing with them, playing with their foam swords, picking them up by their feet, and playing all kinds of fun games with them. finally it was time to eat, so we all sat down at a really long table, jill had set up two of them together. the food was really great! after we had finished and started cleaning up i got a call from diana that she was almost there. i drove out to the highway and had her follow me back (she's still a bit hazy on the directions to jills house).
when she got there the kids got excited all over again! she gave all the kids hugs and kisses and the girls wanted her to read to them. it a rather special night: it was the first time we have ever had our entire family under one roof! by the end of the night the kids were really tired and dragging, i guess uncle chad had done a good job of tiring them out- tim and jill were very thankful!
(tons more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and videos)

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