christmas eve

my mom wanted to go and get her nails done, but she waited around for us to drive up wednesday morning so diana could go with her. i dropped the women off to get pampered, and i went and finished my christmas shopping. i came back a bit early, so i stopped in at the kregal bookstore and listened to a few new cds. i found a couple good ones, and ended up buying a short sampler from a band called 'the myriad'. its pretty cool!
at 6:00pm we went to the candlelight service at kcc. they always pull out all the stops for the christmas eve service, but i was really questioning their strange music selections... that night we went over to tim and jills and hung out with them and talked for a while. its always good to spent time with them, and we actually get a chance to talk and enjoy each others company when the kids are in bed!

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