crocheting for kids

for the past couple years we have offered activity periods for our students. its a time set aside for them to participate in activities outside of the normal class stuff. this includes things like journalism, where the kids write and print a newspaper, there is an option to learn how to use film editing software, where the kids create and edit their own videos, an introduction to the spanish language, an in depth look at the holocaust, and a drama class where the kids create their own short play to perform in front of the whole junior high. ive taught the drama class before, but this year i wanted to add another option: crocheting!
the response was amazing! tons of kids, even a bunch of the guys, wanted to learn how to crochet! i actually had to add a second session just so i could fit everyone who wanted to do it. we started this past thursday, and it was a blast! some of the kids were able to pick it up right away and were even able to help those who were struggling. within the next few weeks these 44 students will be able to make their own scarves and hats, which they are really excited for! ill be sure to continue to take photos of their work and feature some of the most creative stuff they come up with.

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