stations of the cross

every once in a while at school we take the kids on field trips. the history teacher thought it might be cool to take the kids to see a religious park that was only about 30 minutes away. its called 'the shrine of Christ's passion', and its a park that features life size statues of 14 different stations of the cross. in Bible the we just finished covering the week leading up to and including the crucifixion. though the stations of the cross is a catholic tradition, we felt that it was still worth seeing for the students. after we returned from the trip we talked with the kids about what could be gained from viewing these statues, and where our beliefs and traditions differ from those presented.
they liked the field trip, but there was one pretty big problem: it was an outdoor exhibit, and it was about 14 degrees. there was only mild frostbite, so we viewed it as a success...

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