poker face

happy thanksgiving! this morning i got to sleep in a bit. when i rolled out of bed around 9:30 i was surprised to find that diana had already gotten up and showered! we went downstairs and spend some time talking with my parents and paging through the newspaper. around noon we had lunch, just the four of us. mom made some egg casserole and monkey bread! yum. after lunch diana and i ran a couple errands. we got tickets for my dad, bro-in-law, and i to see the new bond, and we went to meijers to get a few missing things for thanksgiving dinner. diana was thinking and we also got some squippies for her feet so she could stay warm in my parents frigid house.
after we got back, my grandma stopped by and we played phase 10 with my mom. diana totally destroyed us in the game leaving me and my mom in the triple digit negatives! yeesh

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