camp rock

friday night adam had a get together for the premier of his latest work: camp rock. now, if you are not familiar with 'camp rock', then you obviously don't spend every day around middle schoolers like me... 'camp rock' is a disney made-for-tv movie that stars one of the jonas brothers. it has been a big hit for disney along the lines of 'high school musical'. with the recent disney movies they have been making a 'what's what' edition that they show on their channel. this particular edition is kind of like those old vh1 pop up videos, only its for the whole movie. the company adam works for has been in charge of these pop-up versions of the films, and adam is actually one of the guys who writes the bubbles that appear on screen!
he has done five pop-up movies so far, and this was his sixth. it premiered on the disney channel on friday, so he had a bunch of us over to watch it with him. as we watched we would read the bubbles, and then adam would tell us what they really wanted to say or some other stories that were a bit too fun to include on the movie itself. it was a terrible movie, but a ton of fun to hear adams take on things!
after the movie we hung out and talked with everyone for a long time. lindsey, by request, quick ran home and brought back the florida video! diana and jeffry lee hadn't seen it yet, so we went through and watched the special music video as well as the 50 minute highlight reel. diana loved it! also, begrudgingly, she admitted that my long hair actually looked good (as i had always suspected...) we had some great heart to heart conversations and really got to talk through a ton of stuff. finally, around 2:30am we realized how late it was and headed back to my parents.
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