lazy sunday

i got back from michigan saturday night and sunday diana came with me to church. we havent been able to work that out very often, so it was nice to have here there with me this week. pastor randy finished his sermon series this week on the philip yancey book 'prayer'. he's an author i really love, so i enjoyed the series a lot. after church we got to go home and just hang out. it gave me a little glimpse into what our lives will be like, falling into a wonderfully comfortable routine (i mean that in a very good way). it made me feel like an adult! we got home, she snuggled up on the couch, i thumbed through the paper, we chatted about little things. it was great! i've got to say, i am really looking forward to the married life...

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Anonymous said...

About time you feel like an adult!!
We can't wait till March either!!
Just wish we could see both of you more often :)
Love ya both, Mom