chillin' with papa

papa and i tried to figure out what we should have for dinner. when i told him there was a long john silvers close by, it was a short conversation! i headed out and picked up some fish and a movie. when i got back papa and i ate our meal and watched the last bond movie: 'casino royale'. we had both seen it a couple years ago when it was first in theaters, but we are planning to see the new one next weekend and wanted to see it again before we went.
it was really fun to just be able to relax with papa, i get to do that when ever i go home to see the family, but it was a nice treat to be able to do it at my place. after the movie (which is a lot longer than i remembered it) papa was exhausted, so he went to bed. since i knew he was coming i got a nice new twin air mattress. i was willing to give him my bed and sleep on the air mattress, but he refused and slept on it instead. in the morning he said it slept alright, but the noisy trains that go by in my backyard were not alright at all...

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