saturday my family got to introduce diana to another of our favorite places: rockford! its a little town about twenty minutes just north of grand rapids. its a quaint little town with a bunch of fun little shops and the corner bar, a restaurant that makes the best chili dogs on earth! the kids were with us, so we stopped at a couple shops that had kid stuff and toys. they had a great time poking around at the different things. one of the stores had some big stuffed animals which initially terrified aves! tim worked his daddy magic, and soon she was willing to pet them with a smile on her face.
afterwards, we went to bed bath and beyond with my sister to work on our wedding registry. she had seen what we registered for and told us that it was pathetic (she used much nicer words, though). so we went there with her and she helped up find a bunch more stuff that we could use and stuff we would need that we didnt realize we needed. she, having gone through this and knowing what a married couple needs, was more than willing to help us!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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Anonymous said...

That was a fun day!! Thank you so much Mark & Diana for the frequent visits - we love having you both!
Wish you lived in GR - maybe someday :) Mom