a movie, a game, and a hall

friday was another busy day- we got up on time and got ready. around 11:00 we had some leftovers, and then the day began! papa, tim, and i went to go see 'quantum of solace', and the girls went shopping! after the movie tim and i went to gamestop to see how much it would be to get a game boy advance or ds for jackson for christmas (hes starting to read, but i dont think i have to worry about him reading this...). after checking them out, and tim getting a little something for himself, we went back to tim and jills house. we got to talk for a bit, and tim tried out his new game. we caught a ride home with mom and stopped by the reception hall we have booked for the wedding. no reason, we just wanted to see it again as continue making wedding plans.
(more pics)

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