construction, part 2

this weekend we had a perfect plan: papa and tim would come down and continue working on my shed friday, saturday my mom would join us, as well as diana and her parents! it would have been so much fun- i had friday off of school because of conferences, so i could have helped out all day, diana had off saturday so she could have come, her parents haven't seen my place yet, so i would have been the perfect opportunity to see it with my parent there, and her step-dad david was looking forward to helping out with the shed too. all would have been great, except for the blasted weather! everything fell apart because of the forecast. the cold doesnt matter, but any rain would ruin the wood and the tools we needed to build it. shoot.
well, my dad and tim had already planned to take friday off, so they came down anyway. instead of building the shed, we replaced my front door! it was needed: the door frame had been broken a while ago because i had been locked out of the house and there was no other way to get it. also, the door seal was really bad and let in tons of cold air. well, they came down friday morning and we got to work replacing the door. it was a pretty simple task (i say that as if i actually did anything- it was all papa and tim!). we got the door and trim from lowe's and got to work. as my dad was cutting the trim he must have hit a knot in the wood, because it jumped up when the saw hit it and ruined the wood. i went and got us a new piece and a few other things we needed, and finished up the job. after we were done we headed out to schoops for lunch. we got back and put all the finishing touches on the door. soon after, papa and tim headed back up. we are hoping to take care of the shed this coming weekend, weather permitting...
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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