uncle Al

the real reason i went up to michigan this weekend was to see my great uncle. i have some great memories of my cousin and i, back when we were around 10, going with my grampa to visit his brother. we always called him uncle al, he was actually our great uncle, but we always had so much fun with him that we just called him uncle.
well, this past saturday he turned 90 years old. wow! its amazing to think about all the things he was around for- he was actually born four days after world war 1 ended! now that has been a while... his family threw him a big party to celebrate, and everyone who knows him was invited. i havent seen him in almost twenty years, but i knew i wanted to be there to celebrate him. hes getting a bit forgetful, but hes doing surprisingly well for 90. while there i got to sit and chat with him for a while, and talk with my gramma, two aunts, and one of my uncles. its a long drive, but i am glad i got to be there to honor uncle al!
*update* some sad news: thanksgiving day uncle al went to be with our Lord. he took a fall earlier in the week and just didnt recover. we take comfort in the fact that right before he left us he got a chance to see everyone he loved one last time. we look forward to seeing him again in glory. he will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

Mark thanks so much for coming all the way home for "uncle Al, the kiddies pal" birthday celebration. I love your sentimental nature!!
Love ya, Mom