thanksgiving eve

diana and i headed up to grand rapids on wednesday for the thanksgiving weekend. we had originally planed to do something with jeffry lee, but that was going to go until too late at night, so we made other plans with the guys. we headed straight over to fridays (no, the fancy one over by woodland!) and met up with aaron, adam and dusty! it was really great to see the guys again, adam and dusty i hadn't seen in months, and diana hadn't ever met them! it was a ton of fun catching up with the guys, everyone had some new and exciting news to share- births, pregnant siblings, and even a new love! diana had a great time meeting adam and dusty, and the guys gave me a thumbs up on her, so all went well!
it was great to see everyone, but by 10:30pm diana and i were pooped out and parted ways with the guys- we had a long day ahead and were looking forward to some sleep!

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