my mortal enemy

if i were pressed to say what the one thing in this world is that i hate the most, i would definitely have to go with yard work. ive never liked it. my dad used to make me mow the lawn regularly and i would dread it every week. when i moved off to college and then into an apartment, one of the best parts of renting was the fact that i didnt have to do any lawn work! but now that i have my own place ive been responsible to take care of it. for the past couple years ive delegated it and actually payed a neighbor boy to do it for me over the summers. unfortunately, he and his family moved out recently. that means that i have no one else to pawn it off on. shoot.
with the beautiful weather, and knowing that my dad would be coming this past weekend, i finally bit the bullet and pulled out my lawnmower. i had to make a little pitstop at the gas station to get some gas for it, but then it was finally time to face the facts: i had to mow the lawn. it turned out to be not that bad, but im certainly glad that its the last time it will need to be done until spring...

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