thanksgiving feast

around 6:00pm my sister, bro-in-law, and the kids came over. we played with them for a bit, then it was feast time! like we did last year, we had our meal down in the basement. we set up a couple tables and all gathered around for dinner. before we began, jackson wanted to read (thats right, hes old enough to start reading! crazy...) us the thanksgiving day story. he got up by the steps with his mom to help him. then he got nervous. he gets nervous some times and then he acts like a little baby: hiding his face, whispering, and talking like a baby. after about 10 minutes of trying to get him to read it, we gave up, prayed, and started the meal. it was a Delicious assortment of great food my mom and sister had prepared for us- everything from turkey to sweet potatoes, to beer-battered bread and dip! a treat for the senses! eventually jackson got up the courage, and used his 'big boy' voice and read the story for us, it was cute despite all the frustration of getting him to say it.

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