the handyman

my dad can't sit still for very long (not a trait i acquired from him, unfortunately...), hes always got to be doing something. in the summer that means playing golf, and in the winter that means projects! hes always got a project or two to work on. just in the past few years he has replaced all the doors and frames in their house, refinished the basement, finished the laundry room, built a shed at sandy pines, and a huge deck at the trailer! he's even come down here the for two weekends to work on projects for me, and will be down again this coming weekend. hes a machine! while i was home this weekend i got to see his latest works: hes refinishing the vanity and cupboards in the upstairs bathroom. so far he has sanded down all the wood and took the doors off to refinish them. it looks good so far, and i know my mom will be really happy with the new look.
(check out the project he just finished before this one here)

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