construction part 4

saturday morning we were up bright and early, ready to face the cold! we got out there around eight in the morning. all bundled up, we got to work putting the exterior in the walls. all went well, papa's policy of 'measure twice, cut once' payed off again. we (please note: most of the time when i say 'we', i really mean 'dad'. i tried to help as much as i could, but he's the pro) put up the walls without much problem. in fact, papa kept saying how he was impressed with how easy everything was going; everything was matching up and going on even and square.
next came the roof. papa had built the trusses ahead of time at home, so we were able to skip right through about four hours worth of work! after a brief break for lunch (what did we eat? you guessed it: schoops burgers!) papa brought a ladder, but i unfortunately dont have one of my own. this was a bit of a problem considering we would need two to do this job! i went out front and was lucky enough to have a neighbor out raking his lawn. i walked over to him and asked if i could borrow his ladder. he was nice enough to oblige, so we got right back to work. we put the trusses up on the roof one at a time, carefully measuring each one so that the roof would be straight.
next was some edging, after a few minor hiccups, we were able to complete that step too! then we put the plywood over the trusses- now we have a roof! after that we cut the gables to fill in the side walls. i made a few bad cuts and we almost ran out of good wood to use! it was a close one, but we managed to do it without having to make a return trip to menards. papa wanted to install the door next so we caulked that up and screwed it in. getting that square took a bit of work, but papa was able to do it thanks to those wonderful things called shims.
we took care of the rain guards next, making sure each of them interconnected with the rest of them. before we knew it, it was time to start shingling. i brought them out and threw them up on the roof, then it was papas time to relive his youth. he used to shingle roofs as a side job for a couple years- im sure this brought back a few of those memories! unfortunately, the sun was quickly fading, so papa made the call and we had to face the fact that we were not going to be able to finish it this weekend. as dad picked up his tools, which are many, i drove back to menards for a door knob for the shed door. we installed the handle as darkness overtook the evening. i had to pull out some flashlights in order to finish the job!
bruised but not beaten, we will soon return to complete the rest of the roof and trim. the end is in sight!
(a lot more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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