as the date draws near, wedding stuff is starting to fall into place. we have the church, the reception hall, and the honeymoon taken care of. there are just a few more big thing to take care of, namely the photographer! a couple weeks ago we went up to grand rapids to see my family and meet with a couple photographers. one of them was the people who did sara's wedding, and another one was a girl that my mom and sister suggested. we met with both of them and were impressed.
but after talking it over, diana and i decided that we wanted to go with the girl my mom and sister suggested. her name is kerry siereveld and her photos are amazing! her company is called 'images of essence' and she has a website here. be sure to check out all the photos on her blog, they are so bright and vivid! diana and i are really looking forward to her skill and creativity in our wedding photos.

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