for they will be filled

this year i have given my students a big challenge: they have to learn one verse of scripture a day. that might not sound so tough at first, but the challenge is this: each day the verse is added. so, that means day one they have to say one verse, day two, two verses. this gets pretty hard when its day thirty and they have to recite from memory thirty verses! so far i have been really impressed with the 8th graders, they have to learn all of jesus' sermon on the mount. we are taking it chapter by chapter, but still, this past week they had to recite from memory all 48 verses of matthew chapter 5! much to my surprise, most of them were able to do it! wow! when we were done with the chapter, one of my students, cub (he wanted to give a stern face for the picture), asked if he could bring in a cake to celebrate such an impressive achievement. who am i to turn down free cake, huh? so thursday he brought in a cake for the class to share. the best part is that he used some witty creativity: he wrote part of their memory work on the cake 'blessed are those who hunger...'

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Sean and Rachael said...

Can one really call it work when free cake is involved? That is an awesome task for your students and amazing that they have chosen to hide God's word in their hearts...keep up the good work.