reformation day

this past friday was reformation day, the day martin luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church, there by beginning the christian reformation. in celebration of the event, our church had a combined evening service this past sunday with a bunch of other local churches at bethel. i was invited to participate. there were five pastors who each went up and talked for a few minutes on each of the five points of calvinism, and i was asked to make a drawing for each of the points. i sat at the sound booth with a camera above my paper, and as they explained the theological doctrine, i drew out a representation on the projection screens. they arent that great of pictures, but the fun was watching as they were being drawn. the original points make the word TULIP, but a new acronym has been created forming the word FAITH.
here are the pictures, and a brief description i was given of each from the service:
F: fallen humankind
A: adopted by God
I: intentional atonement
T: transformed by the spirit
H: Held by God

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WOW sounds like you learned quite a bit too!!