a night in

diana had saturday off, so i went over there and we got to spend the whole day together! we had been planning on her and her parents coming to see me as we worked on the shed, but due to bad weather, we had to change plans. since we had invited her parents to come, we felt that we should still do something with them. we went over to their place and met up with them. we got to check out the crazy big new garage that they are having built on their place, then we went out to eat at 'bob's 19th hole'. we had a great time catching up and chatting with them about wedding stuff and hearing david's stories. after dinner we said our goodbyes and headed over to the mall. we didnt really have a purpose, we just wanted to wander around. diana had been looking for a new winter coat, her old one is way too big for her now. we checked out all the stores and settled on the one above, which looks really cute on her! afterward we headed back out to the car. we were thinking of going to see a movie and go out for dinner, but neither of us were all that excited about it. so as a way to save some money, we instead decided to stop at walmart and get a cheap movie and some frozen pizza for dinner and head back to her place. we had a great time, we rarely stay in so it was a nice change for us. we popped the pizza in the oven and watched 'love actually'. we had both seen it before, but were kind of in the mood for a romantic movie. after we had the pizza we even had some of the cookies that had been baked earlier. yum! it was dark and rainy all day, the perfect weather to cuddle up together and enjoy good food and a cute movie. i early await the days were we can do this regularly!
(more pics)

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