easy rider

on thursday diana came to visit. i worked all day, but she had the day off, so she came early and did a little shopping. she was looking around one of the stores and found a bike that she really liked. now, i didnt know that she even wanted a bike, but she found the bike of her dreams: an old retro style bike that was all pink! (she is a bit obsessed with the color pink...) when i got home we went out to eat and then went back to that store so she could show me just how amazing it was. we went back, and she gave me a look with those adorable eyes of hers 'please?...' i guess im a bit of a push over cause we got it for her. (i am going to be a terrible parent...)
we drove it home, walked it to the gas station to fill the tires, and she rode all around the neighborhood with a huge grin!
looks like im going to have to get a bike now too. but mine will be much manlier.

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Anonymous said...

That bike is making her "future mother-in law" jealous!!