plans made

on monday i had some work type stuff to do in the morning, meetings and such. diana had told me that her mom and david had set up a meeting with a travel agent to make final plans for our honeymoon. i wasnt sure how long the work stuff was going to go, so i figured i wouldnt be able to make it. but, fortunately for me, it looked like i was going to be able to make it! so i headed out to south bend. i called dianas mom to let her know that i was coming and to figure out where they place was. but, as i so often like to do, i made sure diana didnt know i was going to be there!
i met david in the parking lot, the girls had already gone in. we walked in and diana was shocked! i always love to see her so surprised and happy! soon we got down to business and hammered out a trip. we made a reservation, and now we know where we are going for our honeymoon! we are both amazed and excited about the place we get to go!
after making the plans, the four of us walked over to a really great thai food place downtown. we had a great time talking and telling funny stories together. david works just down the block, so we went over and checked out his office and video studio. it was pretty cool to see where they film the different documentaries and videos that he works with.
i brought diana back to her car, and then it was time to head back. the visit was only about three hours long, but it was certainly worth it!

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