game time

this past weekend when i went to visit diana we had the chance to spend an evening with her sister and boyfriend. its always a good time when we hang out with barbara and nick. we went out to eat at the local restaurant 'sunnys' and then back to the house. we played some games together. nick brought over his xbox and we played a game that he had called 'the bible game', he had found it for about 4 bucks at the store, and thought it looked pretty funny, so he picked it up. it was a game show sort of thing, there were questions about the bible, and small little mini games between turns. the questions were very basic and simple, but the mini games were actually a lot of fun! my favorite was the one where we throw rocks at the philistines. after a rousing game, we pulled out scrabble and played that. it was over almost before it began. barbara went first and her first word was 'sneeze' and she got 48 points for it. after that none of us ever stood a chance of catching up. but it was a fun time playing anyway!
(more pics)

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Lacy said...

sounds like fun!