ever since the weather started to get a bit warmer i have been wearing my sandals. now, these sandals are very comfortable and i really love them. for some reason though, diana totally hates them! ive had them for about 9 years and they have treated me good, ive taken them everywhere with me, from iowa and utah, to mexico and germany! these things have seen the world. sure they may be a little worn, but thats what happens to something thats strong and reliable. yes, i know they are hideous and an eyesore, but they have character!
i guess this is just another example of having to compromise in a relationship. but why is it that every time there is a compromise i end up having to throw something of mine away?!?


Sean and Rachael said...

get used to it! Healthy marriages are built on the husbands thrown away crap!

Lacy said...

lol....I think this is so funny cause I made my boyfriend throw out alot of things that I found old and out dated. I guess its just a woman thing.