disaster zone

the weather here last night was amazing! the rain started around 7:30 or 8, followed quickly by thunder and lightning, and chased by 80 or more mile an hour winds! around then the power went out. i decided to stand outside and just watch it all happen. i called diana and told her 'i think this is the end of the world!' thats how crazy it was outside! with nothing to do, i went to bed, set my phone alarm for work, and dozed off. i got up for work, but figured we wouldnt be having it. i had called the store 5 or 6 times through out the evening, but never got an answer, so i drove over to the store and there was no power at all. with no lights, and no cars in the lot, i figured God blessed me with an extra day off- score! i went back home and went back to sleep. when i woke up i still didnt have power. with nothing to do i figured id head over to panera and see what i could see online.
as it turns out, the town of griffith, which i live in, has been declared a disaster zone! yikes! my house and car are fine, but i guess not everyone faired quite so well... there is a strip mall and kmart just a couple miles down the street and they were totaled. no roof, no walls, nothing. a bunch of houses were destroyed as well. the think it was a tornado, but i havent seen any reports that say it was for certain.
it sounds like they have been getting the power back on in the area, so im going to chance it and head home to find out. cause man, i could really use a shower...

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