the fair

after spending a few days home without a job i got bored. i cleaned up a bit, caught up on my tivo, and slept as much as i wanted. but i just wanted to see diana again... fortunately she had thursday off! what luck!
so thursday we decided to go to the local county fairgrounds. now, this is something i am not all that familiar with. growing up we went to the fair a time or two, but it was more like a carnival was in town, there were rides and food thats really bad for you, but that was about it. this one was a lot more animal centered. diana was telling me how this is the big event of the summer around there and growing up they would go a couple of times during the big fair week. a couple of her friends had animals that they would show, and she would go with them and hang out for the entire day there with them.
it was pretty fun, we walked through the different barns and saw all kinds of different animals. most i expected, like horses and pigs and cows, but there was one i didnt expect: llamas! what a strange looking animal that thing is...
we watched some of the horse events and even the llamas do a sort of high jump thing, then we walked through the area with the rides and different booths. we went on the ferris wheel, which was really high, and partook in a delicious funnel cake. for my first real fair it was a lot of fun!
(more pics 1, 2)

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