a day with dad

on monday my dad took half the day off so we could hang out together- score!!! we had been meaning to see 'dark knight' together since it came out, and finally we had our chance. we had a few things to do before the movie so we took care of that. brought back pop cans, then went to lia's pizza and grabbed a few slices of their great pizza. we saw 'dark knight', my second viewing, and i loved it even more. my dads review: 'that was a lot more complicated then it needed to be.' very insightful and true, but then we would have missed all the great stuff along the way!
after we got home my dad and i worked on replacing a blinker light on my car that had gone out. he even let me drive his rad crossfire car to go get the replacement bulb! that thing sure is small!
all in all we had a really great time together. again, it makes me wish i lived closer so we could do these sorts of things more often. hopefully soon...

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