tool time

for months (ok, years) now i have been complaining about my cell phone service. i can almost always get good reception if im outside my house on the front porch, but if i walk in and sit down, then all bets are off. and i certainly cant go into the kitchen or my bedroom, there is almost no chance at all of reception there. well, i figured id try and do something about it. so, i got one of those bluetooth headsets. i figure i can set my phone on the window sill in the living room and i can walk about and the reception might stay strong. i have to charge it first, but im looking forward to trying it out, and im hopeful that it will result in less dropped calls.
the problem though, is that im not sure if im enough of a tool to use it. i know i couldnt actually wear it in public, im just not that lame. but maybe ill be ok in the privacy of my own home... maybe...

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