still nothing

we are now entering hour 51 of 'stormwatch: powerless '08'! i figure when ever the news has some sort of disaster or anything to cover they always come up with a crazy title and graphic for it, so i should do the same.
it was monday around this time that we lost power, and there seems to be little evidence that it will be returning any time soon... i called the power company this morning and they werent even willing to narrow it down at all. i asked 'can i expect power later today, or by the end of the week?' and i got nothing. 'sir, we are working on it.'
talking to a few other people who are still without power, they have been saying that they have heard anywhere from thursday afternoon, to sometime in the middle of next week. argh! ive already spent more time here at panera bread than i have at my house this week, i dont know if i can take much more of this!

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Anonymous said...

Mark, I sympathize with you with no electric!!! God is testing your patience and your ability to sleep without a fan :(
Be sure to throw away everything in your freezer and fridge! Hopefully you had not just gotten groceries!

Hang in there - love ya,