darkness creeps in

we are now entering our 73rd hour of 'stormwatch: powerless! '08' and i am still left in the dark. literally. i called this morning and they were hopeful that the power would be on this evening. well, i am just about out of hope at this point. i really want to throw a hissy fit, but am trying my best to keep it together.
ive been spending most of my time awake here at panera bread, but they close at 10pm, and i dont go into work until midnight, so i have been struggling with what to do for those extra two hours at night. last night i pulled out a chair onto my front porch and just played my nintendo ds in the dark, which was actually a lot of fun. ive been playing 'zoo keeper', which is exactly like bejeweled, but with animal heads instead of jewels. very addicting.
i guess ive been growing accustomed to living in the dark at this point. i no longer have a hard time sleeping without a fan, its not ideal, but i now have learned that it is possible. at least the weather was really cool today, so that helps with staying sane. other normal tasks, like taking a shower in the dark is quite strange- i never know how much shampoo i am using! the one thing i havent tried, nor plan to, is shaving in the dark. i just know it would go horribly wrong... but that means i really really need to shave. my neck has been so ichy!

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