a quick visit

on thursday diana had the day off, so she came down to see me. as a bit of a surprise my mom and dad called and said they had the day off and would love to come down too! the more the merrier i always say. so they came down as well. they got here around 11am. we went over to school and i showed them all the crazy construction going on, then we headed to lunch. we went to a great italian place. we were inadvertently rude to some other guests, but had a good time anyway. we went back to my place and got to talk for a bit, then they were on their way! it was only about a four hour visit, but it was good to see them and have them visit. although i know i wasnt the real reason they were visiting... they just wanted to see diana again!
soon after my parents left diana and i went to merrillville. we walked around the mall for a bit and diana got her watch fixed. then we got to go to one of my favorite places: the used dvd store! we looked around for a bit, but didnt actually buy anything, which was smart. we milled around target for a bit, then ate at bw3. sadly, when we got back she had to head back to her place. i tell you what, i have had just about enough of this living an hour away thing!

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