its me!

many years ago, back when i used to pretend i was an artist, i made a self portrait. as an assignment in painting class we were told to make a painting that was a self portrait. it could be any style, just as long as it displayed something about ourselves. well, i have always been a huge fan of comic books and the comic art style, so i figured id paint myself as a cartoon!
as you can probably tell, it doesnt really look like me anymore... back then i used to have long hair (oh, how i miss it...), and wore an earring. i always thought it looked hilarious, not much like me, but very funny. the best part is its size: this thing is about three and a half feet by three and a half feet! its huge! when i came home from college i had nowhere to put it and i wasnt going to bring it with me to utah when i moved there, so i gave it to aaron. and even through multiple moves, he still to this day has it hanging up! what a great friend...

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