and then there was light

finally, after 78 hours, 'stormwatch: powerless! '08' has come to a close. after leaving panera bread thursday night i went home and sat out on my porch again and played my nintendo ds. i set it down for a second to get a drink and then suddenly, with a blinding flash, the lights of the strip mall at the end of my street lit up! bing, bing, bing! each progressive house along the street began shining brightly. and then it happened, at exactly 11:08 pm central, my home once again buzzed with electricity!!! i threw my fists in the air and let out a shriek of joy 'hurray!!'. i had just enough time to get the house in order, set the clocks, and then i got ready for work, excited by the fact that i was no longer living like a pioneer of old, but was once again a bellow citizen of the twenty first century.
all is once again well with the world. you may now resume your normal activities. i have.

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