work delays

monday afternoon i got a call from work that i needed to come in and let them know what i would need for my temporary room at work. over the summer they have been making a huge addition to the building, making six new classrooms. all of those will be filled by the junior high, which includes me. unfortunately, due to poor planning, late permits, and bad weather, the construction crews are not done yet. that means that all of us are forced into other rooms for the time being. some dont have it too bad, like using the music and art room, but others do- the science room is temporarily on the gym stage... i got a pretty good deal, i got the room that was used for before and after school care last year. its a bit small, but its a real room with windows and an air conditioner, so i cant complain too much.
i came back here monday night to pick out what i will need, unfortunately i was too late! argh! it all worked out today, i went to the storage area and got anything i needed that they had stored away. so this morning i began to set up my room for the couple of weeks ill be in it.
its going to be a bit tough to deal with all the craziness once the kids get here, but im sure the kids will enjoy the chaos! we were told that we will be in our new rooms by september 15, but im not holding my breath...
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