damage report

i went home this afternoon and the power was still out. argh. sounds like its not going to be on until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. checking out some more news reports, it seems that they have determined that it was a tornado that touched down about a mile and a half from my house. in fact, griffith has been declared a disaster zone, they even sent in the national guard!
i stopped home and took a shower in the darkness (powers out, but water still works!). i figured id drive around and survey the damage. much of it was just north of my place. it took out a strip mall, and a couple streets, one of which my buddy scott used to live on! his apartment building no longer exists...

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Sean and Rachael said...

This makes me want to revisit the phone call with Jeff at Utah Power when our power was off for four days:

Sean: "Jeff...do you have power where you're at?"
Jeff: "uhh."
Sean: "Cause I don't Jeff!"
Jeff: "they are working to restore power in your area sir."
Sean: "It's taken four days Jeff..they must not be working very hard Jeff!"

And the conversation goes on from there. I'm glad to hear that you and your house is okay. I always knew that moving to Griffith would turn out to be a disaster! IM SO PUNNY!