one last hurrah

last night ali invited over a bunch of friends to her place. it was a couple of her friends and a bunch of teachers we work with including derrick, the new teacher this year. it was kind of a way for us to catch up after the summer and meet derrick for the first time. it was a good time. they put some chicken on the grill, and we played that one bean bag game out on her front lawn. i had poco for the weekend, so i asked ali if she would mind if i brought him. it was no problem so i brought him along with me. he had a great time being petted by so many new people! he behaved himself a lot better than i would have ever thought! we got a chance to talk, catch up, and laugh together again, which is always great. by the end of the night it had devolved into us just watching and talking about the olympics. around 11pm poco and i headed out. i must say, im looking forward to the school year starting and getting to work with these people again. i kind of miss them...
(more pics)

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