more car work

sunday we began working on the car again. jeffry lee pulled off the back wheel and began working on replacing the part. rex was back at work on his car beside us, and aaron and bethany came by for the afternoon and sat out with us and enjoyed the weather and conversation. we spend some time trying to think of the best ways for aaron to decorate the outside of his house. we came up with many great ideas, including a fountain, a gondola, mannequins in assorted stages of death, and michelangelos statue of david, albeit slightly modified (i would explain more, but i really dont think i should...)
after about 4 hours of trying to get the part on and get the piece to form a seal, he took a look at it and realized that the part itself was broken and it was impossible for it to create a clean seal. we were relieved and angered. relieved because it meant that the problem wasnt with jeff, but angered because he had just wasted 4 hours and a couple of trips to the parts place trying to get the faulty part to work. we went and got a replacement for it that was actually working correctly (thank you auto zone, no thank you napa), and finally started making some progress. by about 10pm the part was replaced, the seal was good, the break line was bled, and the car was ready to go!
man, i owe jeffry lee big time!!!
(more pics 1, 2)

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