piano man

saturday night dianas friend jordan was in town. diana worked with her for a couple years, but she recently moved down to indiana. she and jonathan came up to visit family and firends, and diana and i met up with them to celebrate. we met them at a new place in michawaka called 'bar louie' which is a nicer end bar and grill over by university mall. there were about 10 people in the party and we had a great time. diana and jordan were busy chatting and laughing the whole time!
after we finished eating we all decided to go to a dueling piano bar called 'rum runners'. i had never been to a piano bar, so i didnt know what to expect. it was a really fun time, the two piano players would take requests and play all kinds of music. most of what they played everyone sang along to except me. for some reason i guess i dont know the songs that 99% of the rest of the population knows by heart. im out of the loop. the best part was when someone payed the guys to play the michigan fight song, which lead to another person paying more for them to play the notre dame fight song, then the first guy came up again and paid even more for the michigan song... this went on for about a half hour and was hilarious! the piano guys made about $150 total from those two songs! it was a great time, afterward diana was really sad to say goodbye again to jordan. she will be back in a couple weeks, and visits fairly often, so we will certainly see her around again!
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