say ahh

my cousin is getting married soon, and his soon to be bride was having a wedding shower. my mom thought it would be a good idea for diana to go, as a way of getting to know the family better, and so that they could get to know her better. the next shower, after all, is going to be for her, so it made sense. it being on a monday meant that i would have to race, straight from school, up and get diana and then zoom all the way to grand rapids.
but plans changed. for the better! because i didnt have school monday, i could now head over as early as i wanted! i was there in time to go with diana to her dental appointment. this has been something of a sore spot for her for a long time. she is getting some work done that she has needed to since she was in grade school, so its good that its getting taken care of, but it hasnt been very easy going. it seems that her dentist is very much a 'glass half empty' kind of guy. every time she goes to see him he sees things improving, but then immediately tells her that it could still go horribly wrong. diana has a tendency to fret about such things, so this is not exactly the kind of thing she needs to hear. we are just making sure that we focus on the good news and hoping to have this behind us by the time the wedding comes.

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