tricks of the trade

on saturday all the kids were over. tim and jill had tickets to go see the tigers play the white sox in chicago, so my mom and dad watched the kids for the weekend. we got to play all afternoon, which always seems to include the kids wanting to take pictures with my camera (see their handy work here). at one point it was nice and quite, both jackson and tweets sat down and watched movies. not together, mind you, tweets watch on the tv, and jackson watched on the portable dvd player. this is quite a nice way to cut down on sibling arguments.
as evening came we went to costco for a few things, i got a big huge container of cashews and a new fall jacket. i was walking around the movie section with jackson and he spotted a box set of four dvds of hot wheels movies. they were cheap, and he asked my mom if he could get it. she said maybe. heres where i stepped in. i figure its my job as an uncle to give my nephew any good advice i could about life, more specifically, about his mema (grandma)... i picked him up and whispered in his ear 'ok, heres how you make sure you get it: go up to mema and say 'you look beautiful today!' it works every time!' he didnt take my advice, but he got the movies anyway. i guess the moral of the story is that he is a lot cuter than me! maybe i should be taking advice from him...
later we went out to eat with the kids at red robin, a favorite of mine. it was great to spend time with the kids and play around with them! they get to be more and more fun every time i see them!

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Anonymous said...

Mark, love that sign in front of me at Red Robin!!! I got quite a laugh out of your strategy teaching to Jackson!! You know very well that I'm a push-over!!
Love ya!!