fish in water

sunday afternoon we all went to the water park at sandy pines. this time though, i was prepared: i bought a swimming suit and joined them in the water! soon after we got there diana was feeling adventurous and decided to take tweets down the water slide! yikes! it was a little faster then she anticipated, because when she came down she went under and took in a lot of water. she didnt feel so well for a little while after that...
jackson and i swam in the pool and played a strange little game of fishing for people. he caught everyone! you always have to be careful when you make up a new fun thing with the kids, because they are going to want to do it about 800 times... after an hour or two of fun in the sun, we were sufficiently pruney. it was time to go, but not before we all got a yummy ice cream cone!
(more pics 1, 2)

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